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How We Can Help You

In the simplest terms, the law can be divided into three main areas of practice. These are criminal law, civil litigation, and legal work outside the courtroom. The latter includes such areas as wills and estate planning, probate and succession, real estate, conveyancing, mortgaging, and corporate management.

There are many, many more specialized and complex areas of the law, of course. But most people who need the help of a lawyer usually need help in one of these areas. These are the areas we at Comparelli & Company have chosen to focus our skills on.

We have many years of experience in both criminal law and civil law. We will offer you a depth of knowledge and a proven ability to come up with remedies for the legal issues you are facing.

Experienced in:

Real Estate, Conveyancing, and Mortgaging

Wills and Estate Planning

Probate and Succession

Corporate Management

Criminal Law

Civil Litigation including:

Estate Litigation

Personal Injury

Wrongful Dismissal

Debt Collection