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Apple House
Barford St Martin


Salisbury Civic Society

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Country House & Interiors
August 2020

Behind Barford House the old apple house and barn were collapsing into the overgrown landscape when the current owners bought the property. They decided to demolish and rebuild forming a new dwelling for family use and holiday lets.

Architecture The exact positions, vernacular shapes and timber/metal claddings of the original barn and apple house have been kept. This was done to preserve the memory, tectonic and materiality of the ancillary buildings.  The former barn has been rebuilt into the bedroom and utility wing while the apple house has become the main living space. A new linking building has been added to form both an entry to the house and to tie the original two volumes together.

Client Managed The self build project was managed by the Clare Faull (one half of the owner/client team). She employed myself as architect and numerous subcontractors to help her through the build. She was a both good client and manager in that she is conversant in design, resourceful and was able to control the male oriented site in a generous yet determined manner.

Country House and Interiors

August 2020