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Green Farm

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Thanks to Emma Lewis

This project finished a 1980’s barn conversion. The earlier conversion built accommodation into an existing L shaped single storey farm structure and added a two storey structure to the south wing for a sitting room and bedroom suite over.

The current owners needed more bedroom accommodation, the parking reorganized, a better entry and more use of the views to the downs.

Walled Garden

The most significant architectural move has been the removal of parking from the inside area of the L. The banished car parking from the enclosed space allowed for a protected partier or potager for the clients’ young children to play safely. This then set up for a reorganization of the house with a new entry, additional bedrooms, utility and boot room and the carving out of the central, main living space.

The clients were determined to ensure the new elements to the existing house read as such. This included much attention to the framing of the main space and the glazing of the entry and utility extensions.

Entry Sequence

The house acts as a screen or threshold to the expansive views of the downs. This view is contained through the entry sequence from the drive, the parking area, the entry into the walled garden, the new glazed entry and the main living space to finally give way to the view itself.

By moving or ‘flipping’ the existing WC and entry we were able to vault the entire central section of the house. This has allowed for an open plan living / dining / kitchen appropriate to the size of the property. Finally the modest double, ‘french’ doors were replaced with large sliding doors centered to the view. The new entry is celebrated by inverting the monopitched glazed roof.

The clients have also employed GSHP technology, rain water harvesting and used maximum insulation where they could to produce a green as well as spacious home.

Interior decoration is by the clients and was featured in a Sunday Telegraph supplement.